by Miss Foreign Affairs

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G-G-Gangbanger ex machina Is it a leak or a hack? This was a good n-n-neighbourhood N-never a-n-ny trouble Someone encr-crypted my ass It’s evidence but it’s a secret Let me play in your data pool My coin is down I’m down to fuck But will it come out in the wash? World war one war two Let me put it on my credit card Got one in the oven A kiss-off wearing nothing But a lit cigar The locals just smile And fry the friendly skies It’s classified A rack a stack of bodybags Preventive dot elective dot something A subsidiary of a subsidiary I have met the president’s teleprompter And it was satisfa-fa-fa-fa-factory P-P-P-Paperwork my kink Interagency p-p-panic Is the story that I’m sticking to It’s evidence but it’s a secret See I’m not racist but my senator is B-B-B-Business as usual If you think you got fucked now Just wait until we’re teenagers
Fresh off the wire As it were Tech gadgets Drones and more Terms and conditions apply The bird operator Is a couch potato Location undisclosed Indisposed due to Tactical stroke Terms and conditions apply Terms and conditions apply Hell in spectacles Ever what it was Aroused and aflame Really hot target Or was it his grandfather Thoughts and prayers Thoughts and prayers Thoughts and Terms and conditions apply Hey bird I’m a bird like you never seen before This is a scene I’m on Bib and tucker Shock and awe Active shooter No mates off duty Thoughts and prayers Thoughts and prayers Thoughts and prayers For my special unit It’s cheaper than a movie
Recently declassified My hotspots are cause for concern Got my demos stimulated My hotspots are cause for concern Here for the money and the prestige And the sanctions and the cavity searches Hitch your wagon to my stark raving pundit I'm dying to know Recently declassified My hotspots are cause for concern The fox is in the henhouse My hotspots are cause for concern Here for the fallout and the speeches And the fluffers and the assassinations Are we casually involved or we just looking? I’m dying to know No pants no shoes no presidency No thank you I'm between scandals No seats no lounges What a fucking country No glove no love from the body scanner I came here for love and found a parking-lot
BAE 03:20
BAE I got your magazines Got your atrocities I got your tongue in my ear I got your guillotine Got your apologies I got your spin team down Getting moist with IBM Smash that Swipe right Dropping they load Swipe right Die rich BAE I forget your name You got my geolocation Tracking steady True and steady And my metadata lit Why you do me like that? Swipe right You look good on paper I love me some pay But I don’t stand around in swimwear Running out of places to plunder We really did a number on the public sector Fuck your mother I got your magazines Got your atrocities I got your loose ends tied Your kill list shut I got your discount Freikorps Your vulture fund fuck Swipe right BAE Did you miss me? I’m back in buy range We’ll take one for the team And I’ll forget your name But BAE I got your number
I do not recall I have no idea I don’t know I cannot remember My story has never changed I do not recall that conversation Decline to comment Be right back Some fucken tragedy Ring my chimes Blow me away Blow my mind Decline to comment Be right back I do not recall I have no idea Fully automated Fully automated Market volatility Look I got mine And you got yours And we got it all on tape


released January 1, 2020

Owen Kilfeather - vocals, synthesizers, electric guitar, electric bass, otamatone, tape manipulations, sampling, programming, percussion

Glass Parking-Lot features Merlin Cummins on organ and
James Foley's vocal interventions.

Composed by Owen Kilfeather. Recorded by Daniel Bannon at Electric Eye, Sligo, Ireland, between August 20, 2018 and July 20, 2019. Mixed by Daniel Bannon. Mastered by Richard Dowling at Wav Mastering, Limerick, Ireland.

Artwork by Louis Anebac and Owen Kilfeather.

Produced by Kilfeather and Bannon.

Thanks to Adam Rooke and Steve Foley.

*dl includes .pdfs of scores for each song


all rights reserved



Owen Kilfeather Sligo, Ireland

Composer, conductor, interpreter and curator. Miss Foreign Affairs, Ensemble PMV, Gulpt, Etermortífera; and previously: Filthy Habits Ensemble, Ivyfuuur the Polimonstre (FVJVR), Sin Anestesia, Near Death Ensemble, Tom Agad, Discordian Community Ensemble, inter alia/alios. ... more

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